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He’s a multi-platinum selling artist who dominated the commercial, soul and album charts in the 90’s. By the time he was 23 he had been nominated for 2 Brit Awards, shared the stage with such luminaries as Edwin Starr, Freddie Jackson, Kool & The Gang, Incognito, Mica Paris, Lalah Hathaway, and Lonnie Liston Smith and was a regular on TOTP! Then, on the eve of the release of his third studio album he decided, in his own words “to get off of the commercial treadmill, take some time out to take stock and then eventually get back in the studio writing and recording songs for the subsequent albums Crazy World and Breathe"…”

Kenny’s debut album, “Voices”, went platinum in its first week and went on to sell over double platinum in the UK alone, spawning 4 hit singles, “Outstanding”, “Thinking About Your Love”, “Best of You” and “Tender Love”. Then came his second album, “Wait For Me,” which also offered up a slew of hits including “Stay” and “Trippin’ On Your Love.”


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His last studio album, Breathe, is a British affair blistering with 14 songs showcasing some of the finest UK songsmiths and producers from the soul, R’n’B and contemporary arenas.

From the opening track, “The Show Is Over”, produced by Mark Jaimes and Danny Saxon, who’ve worked with world-class vocalists from Luciano Pavaroti to Mick Hucknall, you know you’re in for a treat. Toast of the UK R'n’B and Gospel scene, 5am, offer up slices of seductive modern soul on the eponymous “Breathe”, “It Aint Perfect” and beautiful re-working of “Thinking About Your Love.” Sir Piers & Toni Economides put their Midas touch to “Coming Down From Love,” “Just Stay” and “Troubled Man.”

...…And Just when you think you’ve heard it all ,enter the beautifully crafted productions from Drizabone & the Soul Family on “Baby It’s You”, Richard Earnshaw giving props on “On The Outside,” Scott Whitman “How Do I Let You Go” and Music Eye on “It’s Better” and “Get Out”. The closing track, “Addicted”, is produced courtesy of Nicolas Bulostin.

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The Thomas Brown Affair

The latest album and project known as The Thomas Brown Affair is a collaboration between Kenny and Wayne Brown, hit songwriter, producer and Jazz pianist who has collaborated with a diverse array of international artists including Billy Ocean, Ruby Turner, Junior, Lulu, George Michael and Johnathan Butler to name but a few. The album is a collection of some of their favorite classic songs performed in their own personal and unique style. The bulk of the album contains piano and voice interpretations of some classic songs, but also present are a couple of guest musicians, including the legendary guitarist Elliott Randall of Steeley Dan and Doobie Brothers fame.

OUT NOW!!! : The New Thomas Brown Affair Album-  'Just the two of Us' available for purchase at Amazon or Itunes or order direct now using the Paypal Button below!!


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An Evening With Quincy Jones

Kenny was delighted and honoured to be invited to appear at a recent special event held at the Britten Theatre-Royal College of Music


A host of well known artists, backed by the Famous AllStars Collective took to the stage to pay tribute to this musical legend .

A celebration of music mogul Quincy Jones, this 90 minute long on-stage interview provided the audience with a unique and insightful look at his life and career. The interview touched upon his childhood in Chicago, establishing a musical career in Seattle, working with innumerable great artists as well as his career as a film and television producer, composer, arranger, record producer, record company executive, magazine founder, multi-media entrepreneur and humanitarian.













Living in a Box

Summer Festival Shows




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Living in a Box will be on the bill at :

Lets Rock Bristol-June 5th

Flashback Rockingham Castle -July 9th

Lets Rock London Clapham Common- July 16th

Rewind Scotland-July 23rd

Flashback Thoresby Hall-Aug 20th

Rewind Henley-Aug 21st


How did you end up working with Living In A Box?

I met the Box guys back in the day in the Chrysalis Records building. We were signed to same label. They were having hit records long before I was and as a new artist on the label, I had a huge amount of respect for them. I really loved the vibe of their songs and their productions, and they were clearly influenced by a lot of same 80’s US soul music as I was. I never imagined that all these years later I would get a call from Marcus asking me if I would like to work with them. I’ve always seen life and music as something of an adventure and this is another aspect of that for me. It’s so cool that this doesn’t feel like a random choice to work together. We have history that goes way back and the DNA of our musical styles is so similar that this collaboration seems totally natural.

Are you going to be singing some of your own songs at the Living In A Box shows?

Yes, definitely! Fans coming to see The Box will hear their hits and people who want to hear some of mine will get the chance to hear those too. I think the fans will hear six Top 10 records in our set, which is quite something. From rehearsals I can tell you it works really, really well; exciting times.

What's your favourite Living In A Box song and why?

My favourite Box song has to be Room In Your Heart. It’s such a well-crafted and beautiful melody that has such a soulfulness to it. I can’t wait to sing it with them. In some ways it’s not too dissimilar to one of my songs called “Tender Love” which was written by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. It has that classic 80’s ballad sound, which is perfect for me.

How do you feel about taking over from Richard Darbyshire?

Joining Living In A Box and taking over from Richard is not something you do lightly. He is and always will be a singer that I have nothing but total respect for, his voice is amazing. I know he’s still great friends with the guys in the band but I understand that he just doesn’t want to work in the music business anymore. He’s a blue-eyed soul boy like myself and I think I will, in my own way, keep some of his vibe alive when we go out and perform later this year at the various festivals and live shows. I think the Box story is about to enter a new phase and I’m excited to be a part of it… it’s going to be fantastic!


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